Hero Work
Making some Bizness Cards!!
Freaking Superman!
Mine and Lindy
October + Testimony Meeting = Octomonies!
Testimony Meeting is my favorite Sunday of the month, but for a different reason...
Some of these folks really don't like to be stared at.
GooseDog comes to see Wil in the hospital...
Stranger Things
Eclectic Range of Sketches
The Beastie Boys Time Paradox
Sadly I did not capture the antics during the Father's Day-themed Musical Medley, which were nothing short of legendary.
Out and about...
A day at the water park.
60's and 70's Super Hero TV Shows
Church Drawings
Church Drawings
Digital Web Comic
Church Drawings
3 hours on Sunday
Fast and Testimony Meeting
Manwaring Sunday Family Movie Night:  Polar Express
GooseDog:  Dr Kuhn II