Renaissance Festival 2018
Hero Work
Making some Bizness Cards!!
Freaking Superman!
Mine and Lindy
October + Testimony Meeting = Octomonies!
Testimony Meeting is my favorite Sunday of the month, but for a different reason...
The Beastie Boys Time Paradox
Some of these folks really don
GooseDog comes to see Wil in the hospital...
Eclectic Range of Sketches
Sadly I did not capture the antics during the Father's Day-themed Musical Medley, which were nothing short of legendary.
Out and about...
A day at the water park.
Church Drawings
Church Drawings
3 hours on Sunday
Fast and Testimony Meeting
Manwaring Sunday Family Movie Night:  Polar Express
GooseDog:  Dr Kuhn II
Kind of a long sketching Sunday, complete with three hours of church, the Christmas Devotional and some warm up drawings a la Star Wars.
Missy's Tummy Explained
Minty:  Actual quote from Missy
SuperFriends:  A Hero is not a Hero in his own ward.
The Inevitable Christmas Eve Misadvanture
Sketchbook Entry:  7/18/2007
Sketchbook Entry:  12/21/2002
Sketchbook Entry:  12/21/2001
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Sketchbook Entry:  12/6/1998
GooseDog:  Dr Kuhn
Warm Up Drawing:  Ocean Doc on Netflix